James Saurez’s Biography

427484_4410757597189_1460343000_nJames Suarez is an eighteen year veteran of law enforcement. He began his career at the Broward Sheriff Office in Florida on January 1997. His first assignment was within the Department of Corrections as a deputy. In 2000 he was accepted into the police academy at the Public Safety Institute in Broward. After graduation from the police academy he was assigned to road patrol as a Deputy in District 4 within the City of Lauderdale Lakes for the Broward Sheriff’s Office until June 2005. While serving the citizens of Lauderdale Lakes he also patrolled numerous hours on bike patrol and served in the Safe Neighborhood Unit. The Safe Neighborhood Unit was a proactive unit which combated street related crimes such as narcotics, burglaries and robberies. James Suarez was awarded Deputy of Month three times while serving in District 4. While serving as a deputy in Broward James lost several coworkers to in the line duty tragedies.

In June 2005 James was hired by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. This was a painstaking decision to leave Broward but this move was for the betterment of his family so he would be closer to them. He was initially assigned to District 1 road patrol as deputy which patrols the unincorporated West Palm Beach area of Palm Beach County. He was then transferred to the District 1 Community Policing Unit. While serving within this unit he worked closely with the community in efforts to fight crime utilizing problem solving initiatives and work closely with the community. He started an indoor soccer league at the Salvation Army in Lake Worth as an outreach to the community and fundraising opportunity for the Salvation Army. James later was transferred to the Narcotics Division where he served for five years. While working within the Narcotics he worked numerous hours of undercover in order to infiltrate drug trafficking organizations. While serving in the narcotics unit James also served on the Palm Beach County Sheriff SWAT from 2010-2012. Following his service with the narcotics unit James was transferred to road patrol and eventually was transferred to the Special Investigations Division where he is a detective in the Crimes Against Children Unit. Within this unit James investigates all crimes encompassing sexual and physical abuse against children and elderly. Again during the course of his service James has lost several colleagues to on the line of duty tragedies and terminal illnesses which caused a financial hardship to the family.

For the last twenty years James has been very involved in coaching youth soccer. He coaches at AYSO Region 1521 Loxahatchee where he volunteers as a regional intermediate referee, national coach and advanced coach instructor. He also coaches at the Palm Beach Soccer Academy in Palm Beach Gardens. He is very passionate about coaching youth soccer and youth sports in general because he witnesses how these activities directly influence our youth in a positive manner, especially when a family is going through a traumatic event.

James is extremely passionate about the Children of Wounded Warriors due to the extreme personal sacrifices our U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue personnel make to serve and protect us. He has personally witnessed the struggles families go through when there is loss within the family of a provider, not only on the financial aspects but emotional aspects. It is extremely important for the Children of Wounded Warriors to continue to participate in extracurricular activities in order to maintain a normalcy of life and in order to relieve the stress that goes along with a tragedy such as a loss of a parent.

James has been married to Risa for nineteen years who assists him in his endeavors with the Children of Wounded Warriors, and has three children. His vision is to help the Children of Wounded Warriors expand throughout the United States to assist all our heroes’ children when they most need it.