Grant Program

image_15Children of Wounded Warriors grants provide financial assistance to surviving children of US Military law enforcement officers, and fire rescue persons killed in the line of duty, according to Federal government criteria or have suffered an injury/illness which causes a financial need. Children who wish to pursue extracurricular activities such as athletics, participation in the arts, and any other such activity which creates a therapeutic environment for the child. We believe these activities renew their minds and spirits, which will relieve them of the stress, anxiety and worry they can experience when they suffer a loss of a parent or the parent is incapable of working.

Children of Wounded Warriors grants are awarded Bi-annually: October and April. A completed application is required for consideration for each request.

Grant recipients are determined by a grant committee drawn from within the Children of Wounded Warriors foundation. The committee determines the amount of funding that will be set aside for the grant each time it is applied for.

Grants are paid directly to the institution and or organization providing the service to the child. The grants awarded start from $250 and up to $500 maximum a year. Applicants can apply twice a year.

86.5% of all monies raised goes directly to the grants for the children in need of financial support for their extra-curricular activities. We strive to use every possible dollar towards each child because the are Children of Wounded Warriors.

Grants are awarded twice a year. The awards given are based funds availability. See below for application deadlines for Bi-Annual awards.

Deadline Award Month
September (Current Year) October (Current Year)
March (Current Year) April (Current Year)

*Application deadline is September of the current year and grant will be awarded in October of the that current year
*Application deadline is March of the current year and the grant will be awarded in April of that current year

Application for All Military/LEO/Fire


1) DD214 or proof of my military status i.e. Military Active Duty ID, Reserve ID OR Retired ID.
2) Copy of Law Enforcement or Fire Rescue ID.
3) Child’s military dependent ID card or Form 1172.
4) Program brochure, registration information or letter from the service provider with mailing address, telephone number and fee for the activity.