Bobby Simeone’s Biography

Bobby Simeone’s passion for public service started right after high school when he decided to join the Navy upon graduating in 1989. He joined the navy and was assigned to an F-14 squadron and quickly obtained his mechanic certification. While in the Navy his squadron was attached to the USS Forestall aircraft carrier and made many cruises to include Operation Desert Storm and Operation Provide comfort. He was awarded with many accommodations and medals during his career to include Joint Meritorious Sea Award, Hazardous duty medal and Operation Provide Comfort medal. After his 4 years of active duty he was honorably discharged in 1994 and transitioned into the Individual Ready Reserve and was attached to SealTeam 8 out of Miami. He spent two years with SealTeam 8 and provided support operations for the team. Over the next 11 years Bobby Simeone had been involved with many community activities and volunteered when he could at the boys and girls club as well as big brother big sister.

In 2005 he decided to pay his own way and went to the Police Academy at Indian River Community College. Upon graduating and passing the State exam he was offered a job at three different departments one being the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office. He has spent the last 10 years as a road patrol officer patrolling the streets of Palm Beach County. During the 10 years as a Law Enforcement officer he obtained his Bachelors degree in Professional Aeronautics and his Masters in Public Administration and is currently working on his Doctorate. His passion to help educate people has extended into the class room. In 2013 Bobby was hired by the Criminal Justice division of Palm Beach State College as an Adjunct Professor. He also proves his public service to the community by volunteering as a Board of director for multiple Associations. He is also an elected official in the state of Florida as Vice Chair for Hamal Community Development District (Hamal CDD). His dedication in helping children came when he started coaching his son’s soccer team in 2006-2013. Bobby Simeone continues to prove his dedication to not only the public and the children in the community in which he lives he is also a dedicated husband of 17 years to Vivian and a father of two boys Nicolas (15) and Matthew (11).

He has such a passion for service and helping children he had a vision of creating a foundation specifically geared to helping children so after some thought he decided to create a non profit organization. With his past Military experience and current Law Enforcement experiences it has afforded him the mindset, dedication, perseverance, motivation and vision to come up with a non profit organization so he founded the Children of Wounded Warriors. His true passion behind the foundation has been the children of Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue and the motivation to raise awareness of their needs. Far to often these children are forgotten when there is a death or medical issue with their parents who are in one of these three professions, hence, having a loss of income. Simply put the children suffer because their extra-curricular activities are usually cut do to financial hardship. This is where the Children of Wounded Warriors foundation comes into play, we grant them monies to continue their activities all the while keeping them in good spirits in the mind, body and soul. Bobby Simeone’s vision is to grow the Children of Wounded Warriors to a non profit organization that every corner of the United States has heard of and hopes that the national main stream see’s and recognizes our hard work and dedication to this important cause.