About Our Organization

Troops HomecomingChildren of Wounded Warriors is an organization dedicated to the children of US Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire Rescue personnel.

Children of Wounded Warriors was established in 2011 and was recognized as a 501(c)(3) as a charitable organization by the IRS in 2012.

Children of Wounded Warriors work relentlessly with the local community to organize awareness for the need to support the children of our fallen heroes or have suffered a financial hardship due to a death or medical condition. Many times the children are over looked during such tragedies as that of a loss of a US Military, Law Enforcement Officer, or Fire Rescue personnel. During this time it is important the children get to continue with their extra-curricular activities in order to maintain a level of normalcy and be able to use these activities to relieve the stress that accompanies during such tragedies.

Children of Wounded Warriors organize fundraising events such as the Cake Off, White Party, Quarter Auction, 5k-10k races etc. in order to assist with grant awards. These grants are awarded to the families of the Children of Wounded Warriors in order to assist the families suffering the loss of hero or have suffered a significant loss of income due to a death or medical condition. These grants help fund the children’s extra-curricular activities sports, dance, or any other type of activities which helps the child spiritually and emotionally.

To date over 150 children have been assisted by being awarded grants in order for them to continue their extra-curriculum activities. That’s why it is so important for you to help us at the Children of Wounded Warriors, with your help we may be able to help even more children in the future.


Mission Statement

Children of Wounded Warriors strives to award grants to every applicant we can. 86.5% of all monies raised goes directly to the grants for the children in need of financial support for their extra-curricular activities. Our focus is to raise money so we can award the children grants to continue their extra-curricular activities and be stress-free and have a healthy life.

Vision Statement

The vision of Children of Wounded Warriors is to support all the children in need of financial support throughout the United States and living abroad. The Children of Wounded Warriors is becoming the premier foundation for every community looking for financial support for families in the Military, Law Enforcment and FireRescue. This support Leads to families shaping a positive future in an atmosphere of fellowship, patriotism, peace and security.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities to the grants pay for?

Any extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts, or any other the child participates in which enriches him/her and the child can continue to grow spiritually and emotionally.

How can you work with us?

There are many ways to help the Children of Wounded Warriors. Send us your information through our email and we can discuss what skills you have to start helping us helping children. Contact Us

Is a donation tax deductible?

Absolutely yes, Children of Wounded Warriors is a 501(c)(3) granted by the IRS every dollar you give is totally tax deductible. We will send you the total of your generosity by the end of year so you may have the information to file your taxes. Upon your request.

How do I get involved?

Send your contact information to the Children of Wounded Warriors via our email with certain skills you may have and we will make sure we put you to work for the Children of Wounded Warriors. Contact Us

How much of my donation will go to the children?

86.5% of all donations will go directly to helping Children of Wounded Warriors.

Who is eligible for a grant?

Any US military, Law Enforcement Officer/Deputy, Fire Rescue Personnel who has died in the line duty or suffered a medical condition that has caused a financial hardship for the family.



If you would like to assist by volunteering at one of our events, fundraisers or help inform our community of the need in order to continue to pursue our vision of helping the Children of Wounded Warriors please contact us.

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If you would like to host a fundraiser or event in order to assist the Children of Wounded Warriors in raising money or volunteers to continue our pursuit to help the Children of Wounded Warriors please contact us.

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