Children of U.S. Military

The child sacrifices and suffers the loneliness of having a parent away in service for months at a time. Many of these families find themselves in a financial hardship and simply cannot afford to pay for the sports, cheerleading, or other nurturing activities. Children of Wounded Warriors is very aware of the distance between the families and the difficulty it is for these families to find financial support in their local communities. We make our grants available to all of the American families no matter where they reside so their children can enjoy activities that enrich their spiritual and emotional being.

Children of Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement community suffers a death at a rate of 7 officers a month. These families go through the toughest situations when this occurs. The children of these warriors are often forgotten. This tragedy not only hits the family emotionally but financially and the first thing normally that is cut is the extra-curricular activities for the children. Well this is where the Children of Wounded Warriors comes in and awards grants to those children that are affected by such a tragedy and awards grants so they can continue their extra-curricular activities such as sports, the arts or any other activity that will enrich their spiritual and emotional being.

Children of Fire Rescue

Fire Rescue is yet another dangerous profession to be in. The number of firefighters killed in the line of duty or injury from smoke inhalation is on average of 12 firefighters per month. When a firefighter losses their life in the course of their job once again the children not only suffer mental anguish but emotional distress as well. The families have a serious need for financial support in many ways and the parent will cut the less priority of things, usually extra-curricular activities. The Children of Wounded Warriors steps in and helps these families by granting awards to these children so they do not need to stop growing their minds and spirits and continue their extra-curricular activities.

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    4th Annual Cake-Off

    April 4th, 2015 – 4th Annual Cake-Off, 5:00P.M. to 10:00P.M. at The Wellington Amphitheater located at 12100 Forest Hill Blvd. $25 per cake entry contact Bobby Simeone at (561) 722-9620.

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    Poker Run Charity Event

    April 18th, 2015 – 2015 Annual Poker Run & Charity Event. Presented by Treasure Coast Nam Knights on Saturday April 18th, 2015. First Bike Out at 9AM – Last Bike Out at 11AM. $10 for Riders – $5 for Passengers.

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Treasure Coast Chapter of the Nam Knights MC

Great day we raised allot of money for our charity The Children of Wounded Warriors, made some new friends and we are driving on toward our goal of 2000 tickets sold, still time left please help us help the Children.



Unique challenges military kids face

Children in military families discuss their experience having a family member overseas. Marysol Castro, CBS News corespondent, reports on their experiences and the strain it put on them emotionally.